New Creation Salon

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We believe in bringing continued education to advance the professionalism in this field in Nepal. By inviting Hairstylist from around the word to teach and keep up to date techniques and fashion.  

America - Canada - Australia - Switzerland - London






                          Haircuts / Styles

Woman cut only           1000Rs 

Children 10 yrs. & under  500Rs

Men Haircut                       500Rs

Cut with Shampoo        1200Rs

Cut, Shampoo & Blow-dry on long hair is  1500Rs

With Iron or a Blow-out    1800Rs

Shampoo only             300Rs

Shampoo and blow-dry  800Rs

Dry Iron                     300Rs

Styling only w/Dry Iron 800Rs

Hot Oil Hair Treatment w/Blow-dry   1000Rs

Hot Oil Hair Treatment only               800Rs